Bonding Over Puppies With Lao Buddhist Monks

A quick 1:40h plane ride from Bangkok put us in the beautiful country of Laos this weekend for some sight seeing. We stayed in the quaint town of Luang Prabang, the fourth largest city in a country of only 6.8M. The city is known for its beautiful Buddhist temples, French influence and extremely friendly people.

We rented a little four-speed motorbike to cruise around the city. It only takes about 15 minutes to go from one side to the other so we saw all of the main attractions around town on Day 1. We saved the more rural activities (jungle hikes and waterfalls) for Day 2.

Former French colonization means a lasting French influence on the cuisine and language here, so the food is a tasty croissant-meets-minced-pork fusion. We ended the day with a sunset dinner overlooking the Mekong River.

On our walk back from dinner we happened upon a temple just finishing up with evening prayer. We took a few steps inside while keeping a respectful distance, but the monks were very welcoming. We didn't 'know whether it was appropriate to approach them, but when a momma dog wandered out leading a group of furry puppies, Michelle and monks alike rushed to the cuddle fest. Ice sufficiently broken, they invited us to the next prayer session in their temple!

(It was too dark for pictures at that point, but we did befriend a Buddhist kitten at a different monastery earlier that day.)