Thai Cinema

Wow, the month has flown by with nary a blog post. We've been wrapping up end-of-semester work activities including personalized reports for all of Michelle's children (like report cards on steroids). That meant more than a few early mornings and late nights over the past couple of weeks.

Before we get too far without checking in we wanted to share a recent experience at the movies (we saw Catching Fire):

Look at the size of this movie poster! One thing is for sure, they don't like small advertisements in Thailand. We even got our first taste of Christmas at the theater:

When we first walked into the "cineplex" it felt a bit like walking into a large spaceship. It wasn't immediately clear where you buy tickets or how to find showtimes. Instead of people at counters there are massive touch-screens on the walls where you look at movie times, organized by theater "sponsors." Large companies here will sponsor theaters and provide premium on-demand services depending on how luxurious you want the experience to be (ranging from standard reclining chairs all the way to a personal masseuse for the duration of the film). No joke.


Fortunately for us, all of the US films are in English with Thai subtitles (which you don't really notice). We picked a standard theater option for this round, not really knowing what to expect. But we'll be back this weekend to check out Interstellar in the IMAX!