Thank You! (Wedding Aftermath)

Wow, the excitement is over! We couldn't have asked for a better wedding, so to all of our wonderful friends and family who made it, thank you for giving us the perfect day!

We know lots of you were taking pictures, and we are trying to organize them in one place online where we can all share. Please please please add your photos if you haven't already. You can either email us ( and we will create a folder for you, or you can add them to the General folder here.

We will add the main photographer's pictures at the link above as soon as we get internet in our new condo (later this week), so stay tuned! If you want to see them now (or make prints), they are online here (downloads are free).

After the wedding we had a fun week celebrating with the Ecuadorian side of the family before heading out for our new home in Bangkok, Thailand. We'll be blogging about our adventures here; feel free to follow along!

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