Temples of Bagan

Before our hot air balloon adventure, we explored the city by e-bike and saw some of the pagodas up close. 

Katharina at our hotel right on the river! This is her birthday picture :)

These e-bikes were easy to navigate though I was initially pretty intimidated. 

Bagan is known for their beautiful lacquerware - shops and artisans were everywhere! Above is a man making lacquerware from gold leaf flakes. 

Though intricate and detailed on the outside, the temples inside are simple and modest. Most feature a series of Buddha statues where people may pray. 


At the Golden Palace

My favorite temple out of the ones we visited up close. 

The Ananda Temple

Sunset over a smaller temple in Bagan

A family we met while watching the sunset - a Mom and Dad and baby girl. This baby girl's name is Shoe-Shoe. Her full name is Thursday Shoe-Shoe. In Burma, your first name is the day of the week you were born and your second name is given to you by your parents. They do not have family names in Burmese culture. In Buddhist culture and faith, the day of the week you were born is very important.


Right as the sun was setting, a large cloud covered the last bit of it, though it was still very beautiful.