The Rugels hit Bangkok

A few days after the Hiatts departed Mom and Mariah swept into Bangkok. After three legs, delayed flights, and rough weather they had finally arrived and were ready to go! 

We headed straight to the Jim Thompson museum. Jim Thompson was an American business man who was known for reviving the Thai silk industry. His traditional Thai teak home is now a museum and store that are a must see in Bangkok.  

The next day Mom and Mariah visited our apartment for brunch. After eating, we showed them our neighborhood including the outdoor market and our favorite street vendors. 

After visiting in Bangna, we headed to Chatuchak. Mom and Mariah were anxious to shop for a few things and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a typical Thai market. 

Mariah took a ton of pictures with her nice camera so look for two follow-up posts with pictures from the rest of their adventures here!