Phuket Adventures

We ventured down to the Southern part of Thailand for a long weekend and hit the beaches in Phuket. While a bit touristy and crowded, we found some amazing hideaways out among the islands and snorkeled in crystal clear water with hundreds of colorful "Nemo" fish and coral reefs.

We went to lunch at a Muslim fishing village built entirely on pylons in the water. The houses were built almost as one big ad hoc building, each large room a separate family.

After our visit at the Muslim fishing village we headed over to Khao Phing Kan, better known as 'James Bond Island.' We inadvertently arrived at the island late in the day and all the other tourists had already left. We had the turquoise ocean and the amazing view all to ourselves. 

Mariah took some great pictures with her Go Pro. Always thought those were just a gimmick but its actually amazing! Note the small dark water caves under the rocks in the picture below. Some of them are long, low-hanging corridors full of bats, leading to incredible hidden coves deep within the rock formations.

We joined some of the locals for lunch. Well, their lunch, on our bananas.

We stopped for a dip at Ko Phi Phi Lee where Leonardo DiCaprio's "The Beach" was filmed.