Baby Monkeys in Singapore

Last week was Songkran in Thailand, the traditional New Year's Day. Thai people come together for a big water festival celebrating the forgiveness of sins and the beginning of the rainy season. Bangkok shuts down for an entire week and literally everyone carries around super soakers, drenching each other at every opportunity. As exciting as it would have been to partake we escaped to Singapore during the break, crossing another regional destination off of the list.

Our hotel in Little India had seriously good breakfast options including warm pain au chocolate and omelettes.

Singapore has some striking architecture, mostly centered around a few parks in the downtown area.

This skyscraper has a ship-like feature at the top, making for some striking photography. Seeing it in person leads to a thought pattern along the lines of (1) Wow (2) ..Why? (3) I need a picture (4) That thing has an undeniable phallic resemblance.

Singapore has an amazing series of indoor gardens built in giant glass buildings abutting the bay.

Quick plug for the iPhone takes some serious pictures in the right environment (the flower below was a quick phone shot). Yes, our blog is sponsored by Apple.

We did foot massages and lunch in Chinatown (a great way to recuperate from all of the walking).

Tigers are the Singapore mascot; we imbibed to capture the full experience.

The aforementioned ship building has a fancy bar at the tip. Naturally we had to check it out.

Zoos have a tricky double edge for us -- one part refuge, one part prison. But well run zoos have their merits, and Singapore is famous for theirs. We stopped by to see what all the fuss was about, and found these incredible (and unusually active) residents.


We wrapped up the trip at the famous spitting tiger, eating lunch sea-side before our short 2 hour hop back to Bangkok just in time for the end of Songkran.