Japanese Snow Monkeys in Kamikochi, Japan

Kamikochi was our final destination in the Alps. It was the most pristine place I have ever been and Paul compared it to many parks in Colorado. No cars are allowed in the area, and only a few modest ryokans were allowed to be built. Even tourism is naturally restricted as it is difficult to get there; the only other guests seemed to be avid Japanese hikers.

As we began our hike in the morning we saw large groups of Japanese hikers making their way down the mountain, many of whom camped overnight along the trail. 

The end of our hiking trail was the resting place for those bound for more intense climbs.

Japanese Snow Monkeys, or Japanese Macaques, live in the area. They are famous for hanging out in the outdoor hot springs when it snows.

After a beautiful hike and some monkey watching, we hung out by the river skipping rocks before eating an amazing dinner in our ryokan!