Old Friends, New City - Chiang Mai for a weekend

We've been lucky to host many family and friends so far in Thailand. Two weekends ago we welcomed Nikhil and Chris from university days as they did a quick SEA tour. We missed their Bangkok adventures but caught up for a few days in the lovely northern city of Chiang Mai.

This temple was entirely coated in silver. Note the sign below: Michelle was stuck outside while we toured the lavish interior. (It's a man's world).

Chiang Mai is a college town and one of the main temples is on campus so we hopped over to see what the fuss was about. 

This is a rooster, complete with feathers and a penchant for eating small insects. 

This female statue is clearly upset at having lost her right arm. They say if you grimace long enough your face will get stuck that way, and sure enough, it has happened here.

This dog was running around photobombing all afternoon.

We found an incredible view of the city while on an early-morning hunt for monks (we encouraged Nikhil and Chris to participate in morning alms).

The morning culminated in this spectacular hilltop temple.

After Chiang Mai Nikhil and Chris headed off for Angkor Wat to round out the trip with the world's largest religious monument, we can't wait to see their pictures and compare notes!