From busy Bangkok to rural Colorado

The last few months have been a real whirlwind! Since the end of April, we've made an international move from Bangkok to Colorado with all of our items in tow, Michelle finished her final AMI Montessori course and Paul set-up shop with his company in the U.S. In addition to settling back in the U.S., we've been preparing for the arrival of our first little one which could happen any day now!

It's been an unbelievably busy summer but it's finally coming to an end and we're anxious for slower, calmer days. Below are a few picture highlights from our last few months.

The day Michelle arrived back in Thailand from her Australia & New Zealand trip, Jody landed in Bangkok and together they traveled around Thailand for two weeks!

Enjoying our last weekend living in Bangkok 

A little babymoon get-a-away to Koh Samui, Thailand

Saying good-bye to Mari's first doctor!

Belly getting bigger and bigger!

Saying good-bye to friends in Bangkok on roof-top bars

The incredible team and office Paul has built over the past few years!

Leaving Thailand with a whole lot more than what we came with three years ago

Rugel Gender Reveal Party!

Hiatt Baby Party

Paul flying his drone!

Snow in May :)

Paul mowing the lawn for the first time in years


Think this box will fit?

Mariah's Bachelorette Party Weekend in New Oreleans

College suitemates visit Colorado

Graduates of AMI 0-3 Training course!